Frequently Ask Questions Don Tobias

Common Questions and Answers

Does the tour include Transportation?

Yes, we provide transportation, and its included on the rate. We pick up our customers from all the Hotels in la Fortuna Town and those hotels along the main road that lead to Arenal National Park till Hotel Tabacon. Other Hotels outside this perimeter will have an extra charge.

How long takes the ride?

The ride takes 2 and a half hours average. Depending on how big is the group, may take less or more time.

Can kids do the tour?

Yes. Kids may do the tour and we charge a lower rate for those under 12 years. Kids less than 7 years old wont be able to do our regular tour though. We may squechelude a private tour and would take an alternative route.

Do people with overweight, or any other medical condition may do the tour?

We do not make our regular tour with people who weigh more than 130 Kg (286 pounds) or with other medical conditions. We offer and alternative private tour under request for those with special medical conditions on a different route and after evaluating every case individually.

May I take my little son with me in the same horse?

NO. Not in a regular tour. We do not have saddles designed for more than one person, and taking a little one in the same horse is too risky. We may do a private ride under request for those who want to take a little kid. We would require a kangaroo bag, attached to an adult and we will make an alternative route.

Can we gallop?

We may arrange a private special ride for experts when is possible to gallop, but we do not do it on a regular tour.

Do we need to bring something with us to make the tour?

We provide basic security equipment and recommend to bring confortable clothes, long trousers, log sleeves shirts, and good shoes, not sandals please. Suntan lotion and repellent are welcome.

Can we book the tour online?

Yes. Visit our reservation site and fill out a reservation form, e-mail to us and we will be answering ASAP.

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